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October 7, 2016
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A Grateful Attitude

We all have a lot for which to be Thankful this season. Hopefully, you’ll be able to spend time with friends, family and of course, enjoy some good food.

While many in the southeast would like rain, no one wants to see destructive storms. But when the rumbling starts, one WeatherCall client is grateful to be getting the information he needs that ultimately saves his company money.

Doug, a plant manager in Athens, Georgia, was introduced to WeatherCall’s lightning notification last year and gladly renewed (which made me grateful). He depends on timely lightning notifications to let him know if he should halt production.

Why? Lightning could fry fuses that cost $600 each to replace. Without WeatherCall, Doug’s team would have to guess if an approaching storm would impact their operation. Guess wrong, Doug might have to replace one or more fuses, if he has them on hand. Also, if the right people aren’t working that shift, Doug might have to call them in. All factors that cost Doug’s company money.

What Doug likes most of all is that he often gets the call while he’s at home. “It’s easy to take my mind off work at the house, spending time with my family. But I am the plant manager and yeah, sometimes that call disrupts whatever else I’ve got going on. But, at least I know about threats in advance and can call into the plant to make sure they follow procedure. After all, that’s my responsibility.” Doug’s grateful to have one less thing to worry about.

Have a wonderful, safe holiday and, as always, you can learn more about the many ways WeatherCall can help a variety of businesses as well as people by going to


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