Harvey Aims For Texas
August 23, 2017
Severe Weather Threat Saturday
October 19, 2017
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Help During Hurricanes


Tropical Trio: Top – Harvey at landfall near Rockport, Texas; lower-left – Irma approaching Key West, Florida; lower-right – Maria striking Puerto Rico

As expected, this has been a busier than normal hurricane season. However, few, if any would have predicted that we’d see three land-falling hurricanes in the span of a month. First, Harvey hammered the Texas Gulf coast, followed two weeks later by Irma impacting Florida with damaging wind and storm surge and just a week later, Maria mangled Puerto Rico, turning out the lights for six months.

The images have been devastating and we hope you have had a chance to assist those recovering. It looks like the needs will go on for a while, so its never too late to do what you can. This is a good place to start.

In both Texas and Florida, we helped thousands of individual WeatherCall subscribers know of these threats, which in some cases were quite isolated. Its true that a hurricane is a big “thing” and yet even during this kind of severe weather, there can be places spared from the worst effects.

Hurricane Harvey prompted thousands of rescues as residents and businesses grappled with the effects of record rainfall topping 50 inches across metro-Houston.

In hard-hit Houston, even though the storm was forecast to strike 190 miles south near Corpus Christi, it was clear there would be impacts in the metropolis nicknamed, “The Bayou City”. A well-earned description due to the dozen major waterways designed to transport inland rainfall out toward the Gulf of Mexico. Houston sits at only 33 feet above sea level and through the years, heavy rainfall events have led to notorious flooding episodes.

Days before Harvey’s expected arrival, we received a call from the corporate headquarters of a nationwide chain of assisted-living communities. They needed decision-making information to know when to enact safety plans for both the corporate office and their locations in Houston and Austin. As Harvey crept in along the coast, bands of rain deluged a good part of Houston, prompting a variety of warnings.

Our information showed this potential client how close some of the tornadoes were compared to their location. They were also more closely aware of the evolution of flooding through our instant updates. Based on this information, they determined they didn’t need to act, which was a cost savings during this time of emergency conditions.

If you know of a business needing this kind of critical intelligentce during times of severe weather, send them this link to find out how to initiate a free trial: http://try.weathercall.net/enterprise.

We also hope you will join us in doing what you can to assist those putting their lives together from this terrible trio of disasters. Hopefully, tropical threats are winding down, now that we’re past the peak of the season. The events of the past month are likely causing many to assess their level of preparedness for extreme events in the weeks and months ahead.

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