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Know A Senior Living Alone?

Senior alone bkgd_no_bolt

Hearing the roar of thunder when you live alone, perhaps with health, awareness or mobility issues, can be frightening. It may just be a passing storm, or it could be something worse.

If you have an aging relative living alone, wouldn’t you want to know if they were in possible danger? Consider getting a WeatherCall @Home subscription for them. Enter your loved one’s address, and contact number for them and up to two other family members. Those other numbers can be family members who live elsewhere, perhaps in a different state. WeatherCall works anywhere in the U.S.

If the senior’s EXACT address falls under a tornado or severe thunderstorm warning, then all of the contacts will get an INSTANT phone call, text or email explaining the danger. That way, you can check on them.

At $9.95/year – isn’t that a small price to pay for peace of mind?

It’s easy to do – just text the word ‘storm’ to 21000 and you’ll get a link to register for WeatherCall @Home, or click here.

Not only is this a great gift for that family member, it can be a tremendous resource for home care companies who visit several seniors a week. If you know of such a business, please share this with them and have them contact us to learn how they can purchase WeatherCall @Home subscriptions in bulk. Just have them call 770-376-0497 or email for more information.

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