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June 29, 2016
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July 7, 2016
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Lightning and Beaches – What You Need to Know

4th of July weekend on Topsail Beach, NC, a tragedy followed a tragedy because of lightning.  When storms developed and moved over the beach, a 14 year old girl was struck by lightning.  When responders arrived, she was alive, but not responding to verbal commands, and had burns on her ears.  When she was taken to Emergency Medical Services rescuers, and taken to the hospital, an officer stayed on the beach to make sure no one else was injured or struck.  That is when another bolt struck near him, knocking him off his feet, and required him to seek medical attention at a local hospital.

Storm Near Topsail Beach, NC

Two strikes, two people, same storm.

Lightning kills and injures annually.  in 2016 alone, there have been 9 fatalities, according to the National Weather Service.  There is a solution to being alerted to nearby lightning, and we offer it at WeatherCall.

It is called WeatherCall ToGo.  We will alert you via phone call and text message when lightning has struck within 6 miles of your present location, so you can immediately seek shelter before the next strike is on top of you.  We will then let you know either 15 or 30 minutes after the last strike in that safety zone, so you can return outdoors with confidence.  It works nationwide, and has a ‘follow me’ feature, where you get to a place, open the web-app, report your location, then shut it down.  The we do all the work.  No more worrying or watching the horizon.

This product is also perfect for first responders, traveling athletic teams, or anyone who needs a portable severe weather and lightning risk management tool on the palms of their hands.  Order it, try it 7 days for free.  It is only $17.95 per year.

WeatherCall.  Your Severe Weather and Lightning Alarm System.  Arm It and Forget It.

Brad Huffines / Chief Meteorologist / WeatherCall Services, LLC /

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