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November 10, 2012
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November 30, 2012
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Like, Follow, Link. Why?

How many of you have found Social Media to be a lifeline to the outside world and wonder how you could ever have lived without it? How many of you decided you would never be a part of it, but haveTwitter icon Linkedin facebook iconyoutube found yourself forced into taking part to see pictures of your kids and grandkids, and have found yourself using it more than you though. How many of you have decided

not to take part no matter what! There are many of us out there in all three boats, but let me take a few minutes to share with you if you Like us on Facebook, Share our Facebook page and posts on your pages, Follow us on Twitter, Link with us in LinkedIn, and subscribe to our YourTube Channel, you will find a world of new information at your fingertips you had no idea was there just for the taking. Plus, you’ll be the first ones to hear about an exciting new WeatherCall service we are adding onto WeatherCall @Home and WeatherCall ToGo!


shutterstock_76009288Like Us! Follow Us! Link with Us! Watch our YouTube Channel! You are constantly being bombarded with offers to follow a company’s Twitter account, or Like them as a user of their products, or watch their YouTube videos. But there is little explanation of, “What’s in it for me?” I would like to take a few moments of your time to show you what Following, Liking, Linking with, and visiting our YouTube channel will do for you.  Yes, we are a growing company whose serives include home, mobile, business and school services.  But here is what is in it for you. To this point, WeatherCall has focused only on so-called short-fuse severe weather warnings, tornado, severe thunderstorm and flash flood warnings. But when a Tornado Watch is issued, wouldn’t it be nice to know that you might have to start changing your day’s plans?

IcyWeatherHow about a Winter Storm Watch, where snow or freezing rain could impact your short-term plans.  Other than a NOAA Weather Radio, which you have found is already over-alerting you to storms far from your area, what source will actively alert YOU to weather changing in YOUR area?  WeatherCall has over 85 broadcast partners all across the nation.  They are a great place to start.  But what about a text message or email from WeatherCall that will alert you to the weather advisory you choose when watching a local television affiliate is not convenient? That is the direction where WeatherCall is headed.  We want to be more than just that phone call that awakens you when a 2am tornado warning has been issued for your specific address.  Although, WeatherCall has delivered 234,000 tornado warning phone calls between 10pm and 6am, when most people are sleeping.

When you, for example Like WeatherCall on Facebook, your friends see you have Liked us, and are often curious about what it is you just Liked. If you Share our page, and tell your friends, “Hey, I have had WeatherCall for year and I could not imagine going to sleep in stormy weather without it!” Suddenly they understand why WeatherCall is different than all those ‘free’ weather services you can download all day at any App Store or Play Store.  So what is in it for you?  You are helping spread the word on how WeatherCall has help save lives all over the nation, and how by sharing you are a part of that.  What else is in it for you?  You will be the first to hear about new promotions from WeatherCall.  We are working on new content that will be made available only to existing WeatherCall subscribers.  Please Like, Follow, Link with, and Subscribe to where we are going. We’ve only begun to grow with you!

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