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January 8, 2016
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Nocturnal Tornado – The Most Dangerous – Near Dallas

Imagine driving in the rain, reflections off of every wet surface.  The sounds of outdoor warning sirens going off, but over the years you have taught yourself to ignore those warnings since they “go off all the time, and never affect me”.  Suddenly your smart phone goes off with a message from Wireless Emergency Alerts, saying “Tornado warning your area. Check media”.  You turn on the radio, and you hear most stations playing music, start changing the dial, and eventually hear someone talking about a tornado warning for a specific county.  If you are driving through an unfamiliar area, you probably don’t know what area county you are in, even if you are only 10-15 miles from home.  So even though you have been alerted to a possible tornado “somewhere”, you have no idea where.  So you probably keep driving, right?  Just “hoping” it isn’t coming toward you.

This was the case in Dallas County, TX, the day after Christmas.  Imagine looking in your rearview mirror and seeing this MONSTER TORNADO.  These traffic cameras near the intersection of I-30 and the George W Bush Tollway are eerily scary, and showed the scene near where 8 people were swept off the road and killed.  This video was posted by WFAA-TV, in Dallas, a WeatherCall affiliate station.  WeatherCall had already made thousands and thousands of phone calls to those in this specific tornado warning and others that evening, alerting people of their SPECIFIC danger for their SPECIFIC area.  That is how WeatherCall works.  Always the RIGHT WARNING and the RIGHT TIME.


Users of WeatherCall ToGo have the ability of turning on their (web-)app, let it report their location constantly, and receive not only phone calls and text messages when people are driving into the path of a tornado warning, but they can look at a map of the warning area, see radar for their location, and determine within seconds of the warning’s issuance if they are in danger.  In this case, if people had had their WeatherCall ToGo (web-)app running, they would have seen the danger they were in, and find shelter quickly, if not drive out of the path of the storm.

This example shows why having WeatherCall’s services has saved lives of countless people in the path of some of the most dangerous and deadly storms since they were launched in 2007.  At WeatherCall, we are concerned for one thing.  YOUR SAFETY.  Look at this video, decide if you could have ‘seen it coming’, and decide if you need WeatherCall ToGo on your smart phones or not.  My bet is that you will.  It could save you or a family member’s life.

– – Brad Huffines, Chief Meteorologist, WeatherCall Services, LLC,

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