WeatherCall's Family of Products Available Now

@Home-button   WeatherCall Service's flagship product, and still our best seller, WeatherCall @Home is the only service in the United States that will CALL up to 3 phone numbers for any type of phone simultaneously and send up to 3 emails and/or SMS text messages everytime the lat/long of your specific registered address falls within the National Weather Service issued tornado, severe thunderstorm and/or flash flood warning. You have complete control of what contacts get which types of warnings.  Only $9.95/yr.  ORDER IT TODAY.
ToGo-button   The original WeatherCall personal weather warning notification system, trusted by hundreds of thousands, is now available in a mobile version, WeatherCall ToGo.  Different from all other mobile weather products, it does not try to 'wake up your phone' to vibrate and make a noise.  It CALLS YOU and sends you text messages for warnings within 1 mile of your phone's reported location.  It also has a lightning option to notify you with CALLS and SMS-text messages if lightning is nearby.  It also includes all important 'all-clear' messages.  For Android and iPhone smart phones. Only $11.95 to $17.95/yr.  ORDER IT TODAY.
WCBusinessSpecifically designed for the special notification and business continuity needs of a business, WeatherCall Enterprise is tailor made for the unique challenges of when to shelter to keep employees and visitors safe, and when to keep operations running.  It helps protect the productivity of without risking safety.  A combination of PHONE CALLS and emails sends unique information when and only when it is needed to help you make the best decisions for your business in seconds when a warning threatens your business location.  Surprisingly affordable with an amazing ROI!  TO LEARN MORE!  
WCSchoolThe immensely popular WeatherCall personal warning system, trusted by hundreds of thousands, is now available in a commercial version designed specifically to serve the needs of schools.  WeatherCall for Schools provides a virtual 1-mile monitored zone for NWS issued tornado, severe thunderstorm and flash flood warnings, along with a 6 mile monitored zone for cloud to ground lightning strikes.  If the weather threatens, up to 3 phone numbers are CALLED sending those answering to check their email for important decision making information, with up to 4 additional email/SMS-Text contacts, allowing for the fastest decisions and the stop for the search for more information. All this for $45/yr. CLICK HERE TO ORDER NOW.
WCFundraisingWeatherCall's life-saving technology of making over 14 million PHONE CALLS and millions more emails and SMS-Text messages to site specific locations, such as homes, GPS enabled cell phones, businesses and schools, is now available to non-profit organizations as a fundraiser, offering $5 revenue per subscription sold the first year, and $1 each recurring year the subscriber renews. No inventory to handle.  Available nationwide.  Proven to save lives.  CLICK NOW FOR INFORMATION ABOUT WEATHERCALL FUNDRAISING.