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January 13, 2016
Major Winter Storm – Meaning Southern Severe Weather
January 21, 2016
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Reducing Risk AND Creating Found Money in Severe Weather


Do you have the time to sit in front of a computer screen, app or weather radio? Are your company’s leaders experts in terminology?  Weather terms are often confusing and unclear unless you are a meteorologist.  And in business, does your staff have the time to monitor all the business and safety issues related to day to day operations, while also tracking the weather in real time… 24 hours a day… all year… every year?

5 areas where business leaders need decision support during severe weather events:

  1. Timing – What good is a late alert when by the time the alert arrives, the storm is either upon you or past!  This is a COMMON PROBLEM about which few are aware.  Time is your greatest enemy!
  2. Terminology – When social scientists study terminology and confusion, the most common misunderstanding is the difference between a weather phenemona’s ‘watch’ and ‘warning’. (The fact you just had to think about that for a moment is telling!)
  3. The Dangerous Lure of ‘Free’ – While free apps seem like a great way save money, they are always, and I mean ALWAYS, worth exactly what you pay for them and can cost in ways you haven’t even begun to think of yet.
  4. Self-Proclaimed Weather Experts – Almost every company has them.  There are people who convince others their amateur hobby of ‘watching the weather’ will keep your business operating without risk.  It is an absolute and very dangerous myth.
  5. The Hunt for More Information – The average tornado warning lead time nationally is 12 minutes.  Take 5 minutes deciding if you are in jeopardy and you have wasted almost half of the lead time you need to act! What if your lead time IS 5 minutes?

spcReaching out to WeatherCall for business severe weather monitoring always proves to be a financial benefit to our customers.  Professional weather monitoring and forecasting services have been historically very expensive.  WeatherCall Enterprise is surprisingly affordable, with plans as inexpensive as less than a dollar a day. Usually the cost savings of preventing one unnecessary shutdown pays for the service many times over for several years to come for most companies.  The power in knowing when to safety shutdown every time prevents unnecessary costs related to personal injury and proves invaluable.  Let us solve both challenges today.

Brad Huffines – Chief Meteorologist, WeatherCall Services, LLC,

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