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January 30, 2018
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May 25, 2018
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Tornado Drought Set To End


Where are the tornadoes this year? While most are glad we haven’t seen as many as normal this Spring, it looks like the proverbial “other shoe” is about to drop as May begins.

To date, according to the Storm Prediction Center, there have only been 270 reported tornadoes in the U.S., down 57% from the 30-year average. As of this writing, there have been no twisters observed in the traditional tornado alley states of Nebraska, Kansas and Oklahoma. Zero tornadoes through the end of April is about to go into the record books as something quite rare indeed.

While that drought is noteworthy, it won’t last as May is the most active month for severe weather. As May 2018 begins, there will likely be significant outbreaks that will impact multiple states. Here is the current outlook for Tuesday, May 1, with an Enhanced Risk area (orange shading in the image below) forecast for the middle of the country.

May12018 Day2

The threat expands to an even larger area by Wednesday, May 2:

May 2 2018 Day3

Since the Spring has been so quiet up to this point, are YOU prepared to take quick safety action when storms threaten?  Now is a good time to review your family’s plan and to make sure you have an accurate way to know when bad weather is developing.

Identify, gather and keep handy some of the basic elements of an emergency kit, and stay aware of changing conditions. Remember to keep your cell phone charged and write down any emergency numbers in the event that precious can’t-do-without device fails or runs out of juice!

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