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September 16, 2014
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Very Dangerous Weather in the Lower MS Valley and Southeast

The NWS Storm Prediction Center has issued a “PDS Tornado Watch” for much of the Lower Mississippi Valley.  “PDS” means it is a particularly dangerous situation, and ups the ante on the danger of any tornadoes that might develop.  It means that in that environment, when storms develop, any tornadoes will be large and have a high likelihood of traveling long distances on the ground.  These types of tornadoes are the ones that rewrite history books.


One of the best ways to know one is coming toward you is by letting WeatherCall monitor your specific location 24/7, where we will proactively alert you to any of these tornado warned storms approaching your specific location.  It is not a vague county-wide warning, but it a warning with your name on it, for a storm that has your name on it.  Sign up right now HERE, NOW!

-Brad Huffines, Chief Meteorologist, WeatherCall Services,

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