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Violent Storm Of The Past


Aftermath of the April 27, 2011 Alabama Tornado Outbreak

History is commemorated in many ways, with plaques, statues and days of observance. When it comes to extreme weather, most everyone has “their” story of a memorable violent storm that in some cases, changed lives for ever. Now, there is new tool that lets anyone analyze some of the most destructive tornado outbreaks in U.S history.

This page on the Storm Prediction Center web site chronicles days like April 27, 2011, May 31, 2013 or May 3, 1999:  The site is quite robust; in fact, you could get lost spending countless hours pouring through a wealth of information:

spc violent

Storm tracks are overlaid onto meteorological parameters, which provide valuable insight into the patterns that produce such destruction. Also available are archives of sounding data, radar and available video and images.

According to SPC’s Chris Broyles tells me this page has been in the works for an astonishing 6 years and contains – get this – 65,243 lines of code! A difficult undertaking to be sure but he says it’s a relief to get this out there.

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