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March 17, 2016
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WeatherCall Delivers HUGE Return on investment

420:1. In THREE WEEKS.  Yes you read that correctly.

Every severe storm event in today’s technology of social media, traditional media and free/paid apps is a melee of misinformation.  During a recent severe thunderstorm outbreak in the DFW area, speaking with a professional colleague, he told me, “Everyone was telling me I was in danger of a tornado.  But since I did not get a call from you, I knew I was safe.”  The fact of the reality of the event is that he was absolutely RIGHT.

3WarningExampleBWhen the National Weather Service issues a severe weather warning, tornado, severe thunderstorm or flash flood warning, they draw a box.  The meteorologist who issued that warning is telling you, “If you are inside the box, you face the threat, and if you are outside the box, you do not.”  That is how simple the message SHOULD be.  But every notification method is county-wide.  Compared to the path of a tornado, a county is HUGE.  The actual threat area is quite small.  Why, if you are not threatened, would you want to know of a threat miles and miles away?

That is where WeatherCall comes in.  WeatherCall takes your SPECIFIC location, and compares it to the SPECIFIC location of the warning threat area.  If you are INSIDE the threat area, we immediately notify you.  If you are not, we leave you alone.  When applied to businesses, that simple distinction can be the difference between unnecessarily shutting down your business operations and sheltering necessarily.

ROINow to the 420:1 return on investment realized in a THREE WEEK PERIOD of TIME at a defense contractor in north Alabama the 3 weeks after they began using WeatherCall Enterprise.  This facility, a high end company of engineers and designers, used to shelter their staff when a tornado warning was defined for what they thought was their area, at a cost of $140,000 per hour.  These warnings were defined by outdoor siren footprints (county-wide), NOAA weather radios (county-wide), television meteorologists showing radar graphics, and so-called ‘weather experts’ inside the company who all had their free apps and favorite weather sites.

Using WeatherCall Enterprise, they are now able to receive the warnings in real-time, look at the tools provided, and make storm specific and location specific decisions as to when to shelter and when not to.  So in that three week period of time, they chose NOT to shelter based on WeatherCall Enterprise’s products, and made NO-RISK DECISIONS based on that information, and saved themselves $420,000 of unnecessary sheltering costs.  And it is for a series of services on which they spend less than $1,000 per year.

Now THAT is a return on investment, and is a testimonial to what an accurate, fast and reliable notification product is encapsulated within a WeatherCall Enterprise service.

Contact me today to learn more.

Brad Huffines, Chief Meteorologist, WeatherCall Services, LLC,

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