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December 28, 2015
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January 6, 2016
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Never Be Caught In Your Car Unprepared

Storm Prediction Center’s Warning Coordination Meteorologist, Greg Carbin, stated it best.  “This is the first time December has been the deadliest month of the year”, regarding tornadoes.  The deadliest month in recorded history for tornadoes in December was in 1953, when 43 people lost their lives.  Part of the reason this storm was so fatal is that many people, though given plenty of NWS issued warning time, did not have access to severe weather warning technology as they drove in their cars in Dallas County, TX, where 8 lost their lives near the intersection of I-30 and the George W Bush Tollway.  At that location, the EF-4 tornado swept numerous cars from the roadway and from tall overpasses, very unexpectedly to those who were in these vehicles.  Read the information on WeatherCall ToGo below to see it’s lifesaving benefits to people driving in their cars.

Oddly enough, 2015 was poised to be the least deadly year in tornado related fatalities until the past week’s severe storm outbreak in Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, and Mississippi.  Flooding has also caused fatalities along the path of the severe weather in the Plains and Southeast.

One way to stay informed when traveling is with WeatherCall ToGo for smart phones.  Using your phone’s GPS locator, your phone tells WeatherCall where you are, and provides phone calls to your smart phone when you are in the path of a National Weather Service warned storm.  GET IT HERE.  Proven to save lives.

Brad Huffines, Chief Meteorologist, WeatherCall Services, bradh@weathercall.net

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