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August 31, 2016
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October 6, 2016
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WeatherCall Success Story During Hermine


One hundred and ninety miles away from the center of Hurricane Hermine’s Florida landfall, a tornado warning was issued just outside of Savannah, Georgia. That’s where over one hundred residents of an assisted living community waited out the storm. WeatherCall service had just been installed there and it performed flawlessly.

In an emergency situation, like a tornado, staff had been instructed to move all residents to a designated safe area in the building. No easy task when so many in your care have awareness, mobility and health issues. Certainly more challenging to pull off at 3:30 am! However, they didn’t have to in this case. Yes, a tornado warning was issued for Chatham county, but not the part of the county where their building was located. Other warning systems, including weather radios and even the “smart” phone apps some of the residents had, blared a tornado warning message.

This is a key difference of WeatherCall; it’s a state-of-the-art monitoring system understands how precise tornado warnings are. Here is the warning issued in those wee hours of the morning:


The red box centered over Richmond Hill is the tornado warning and the blue dot is where the assisted living community is located. Since the blue dot is outside of the tornado warning, WeatherCall did not alert the staff at the center.

They were already on high alert because of a tornado watch issued hours earlier. The watch meant that tornadoes were likely, but until they form, all people in the watch area need to do is wait and prepare in case they need to act when a warning is issued.

The community’s manager credits WeatherCall for helping her know when to marshal emergency plans and resources. “It worked great, calling the staff on duty and me while I was at home. Once I got that call, I knew I needed to head into the center to be on site in case things got worse.”

Several trees were downed in the region inside the red box and there was minor damage to homes. If indeed, the storm that prompted the warning had turned to the right and a new warning had been issued which did include the assisted living community, then WeatherCall would have notified everyone letting them know to head to the designated safe place.

Having this kind of precision can help senior care providers, hospitals and others act confidently when time is of the essence, and more importantly, know when they don’t need to act.

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