Personal Use

AtHomeToGoButonWhether you are at home or on the go, WeatherCall's flagship product notifies you only when you are in imminent danger. A phone call from a trusted voice giving you clear instructions when you need it most. These products have a long history of saving lives in numerous states' tornado outbreaks. Get it now. Starting at just $9.95 per year.

Business Use


WeatherCall Enterprise is the Strategic and Affordable precise hazardous weather warning system for executives, administrators, and business owners that need to know with PINPOINT ACCURACY if their location is going to be impacted without having a member of your team to monitor the weather, every second of every day. Basic plans start at as little as $200 per year. Your business can't afford not to have this!

School Use

For-SchoolsStop shutting down your school activities when there is a weather warning somewhere in your county. This site specific warning technology also includes lightning notification so you can safely shelter when lightning is within 6 miles. All clear notifications are included. Only shelter your students when you must, not when a county warning affects someone else. Teach them to trust the warnings. Helps reduce fear of storms.



Take lifesaving severe weather notification into homes of families who support your organization. By making this product available to your contributors, you are taking our proven life saving product into their homes and onto their GPS enabled smart phones, keeping your organization 'top of mind' while keeping them safe. Raise money while saving lives and preparing families! Product costs start at $9.95/yr with 50% returning to your organization.

Welcome to WeatherCall

Site specific, rapid notifications

When the National Weather Service (NWS) issues a severe weather warning, they draw a box. Simply put, you are either IN the box or you are OUT. It is that simple. You no longer have to be over-warned with threats miles away. Watch this video that explains both the simplicity and the absolute accuracy of of NWS warnings and of WeatherCall's service.


  • Monitors your homes' permanent location 24/7
  • Tornado, and/or severe thunderstorm warning calls
  • Flash flood warnings are done via email or SMS text
  • ANY type of phone can be called (landline, cell, smart phone)
  • National price of $9.95 annual subscription per address
  • "Follows" your smart phone's current location
  • Tornado, and/or severe thunderstorm warning notifications
  • Flash flood and optional lightning notification calls with "all clear"
  • National price of $11.95 per smart phone per year for NWS warnings
  • $11.95 annual subscription per smart phone for lightning notifications
  • $17.95 annual subscription


  • Monitors your business' permanent location 24/7
  • Customized for you own unique requirements
    • Number of contacts (primary and secondary)
    • Warning notification types and size of your monitored area
  • Tornado, severe thunderstorm and flash flood warnings
  • Annual subscription per address based on your requirements
  • Monitors your schools' permanent location 24/7
  • Real-time notification of lightning strikes within 6 miles
  • National Weather Service issued warnings within 1 mile of address
    • Tornado, and/or severe thunderstorm warning notifications
    • Flash flood and optional lightning notification calls with "all clear"
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