WeatherCall's @Home and ToGo service. Which is right for you?

  WeatherCall Service's flagship product, and still our best seller, WeatherCall @Home is the only service in the United States that will CALL up to 3 phone numbers for any type of phone simultaneously and send up to 3 emails and/or SMS text messages everytime the lat/long of your specific registered address falls within the National Weather Service issued tornado, severe thunderstorm and/or flash flood warning. You have complete control of what contacts get which types of warnings.  Only $9.95/yr.  ORDER IT TODAY.
  The original WeatherCall personal weather warning notification system, trusted by hundreds of thousands, is now available in a mobile version, WeatherCall ToGo.  Different from all other mobile weather products, it does not try to 'wake up your phone' to vibrate and make a noise.  It CALLS YOU and sends you text messages for warnings within 1 mile of your phone's reported location.  It also has a lightning option to notify you with CALLS and SMS-text messages if lightning is nearby.  It also includes all important 'all-clear' messages.  For Android and iPhone smart phones. Only $11.95 to $17.95/yr.  ORDER IT TODAY.